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It's Time to Return to School for Brentwood and Franklin, TN / Williamson County Students! It’s been hot, muggy, and inching pretty close to 100 degrees – doesn’t exactly scream “back-to-school” weather, but looking at the calendar, all you Brentwood and Franklin, TN / Williamson County parents are getting geared back up for the swiftly approaching school year!

Bartolomeo Cristofori - The Inventor of the Piano Have you ever wondered who the inventor of the piano was? The piano is such a popular instrument now, but have you ever stopped to think about who had the idea of creating it? Believe it or not, at one time if you wanted to play a keyboard instrument your choices were the harpsichord or the organ. While these instruments are great, they also have some drawbacks. The main one is this - no matter how hard or soft you press the keys, they don't play any louder or softer.

I frequently get calls from people who want to take piano lessons (or they would like for their child/children to take piano lessons). Some of them already have pianos - maybe it was a priority for them to have a piano or maybe they had the "family" piano they had taken piano lessons on at a younger age. But oftentimes they don't have a piano and want to know if it is necessary to buy a piano for piano lessons.

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