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Is it possible to shift the thinking of younger music students? Is it possible to make their lessons seem less like a chore and more like a privilege? I think the answer to these questions is yes, and while it is not always the easiest task to accomplish, I think these 4 tips below will help shift your child's thinking and make practice sessions at home a little more peaceful.

There has been more sightings of yellow school buses, the back-to-school sales abound, Tax Free weekend is upon us, and your child's schedule is very quickly filling up with school, sports, clubs and other activities. Here are 5 reasons why Music Star Studios thinks you should consider adding music lessons into that schedule.

It's a good time to be a music educator. On July 16, Senate named music as a core academic subject in its Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) reauthorization proposal, the Every Child Achieves Act.

3 Great Reasons Your Child Should Learn Piano The piano is most definitely an instrument that takes time, effort and patience. It requires combining many elements in order to continuously advance and the value of such dedication is undoubtedly gratifying. The piano is noted for being one of the most difficult instruments to learn, however, it also serves as a very strong foundation to all other instruments. In addition, learning the piano helps exercise many strengths of the human mind, especially in young children.

I frequently get calls from people who want to take piano lessons (or they would like for their child/children to take piano lessons). Some of them already have pianos - maybe it was a priority for them to have a piano or maybe they had the "family" piano they had taken piano lessons on at a younger age. But oftentimes they don't have a piano and want to know if it is necessary to buy a piano for piano lessons.

FRENCH IMPRESSIONISM IN PAINTING AND MUSIC – A LECTURE AND PERFORMANCE ON PIANO IN NASHVILLE TN There has never been a time in the history of western culture when two art forms were more closely aligned than in the movement known as French Impressionism. Slides of some of the great Impressionist paintings will be shown...

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