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One question I hear parents ask most often is, "How old does my child need to be to start lessons?" Many times they are looking for a magic number. "Oh, well you should wait until Suzy is 5 years old before she starts lessons." But every child is different. Every child grows, learns, and matures differently; so a magic number just won't work. So how do you know when it's the right time for you child to start music lessons? Here are 5 Questions to Ask Before Beginning Lessons.

Looking for a new activity for your child that has the potential to develop knowledge and skills that will be beneficial all their life? Look no further! Music lessons, besides being an enjoyable pastime, can also train the brain to succeed in other areas. Below, are 5 benefits music lessons can bring to your child.

You are a Nashville area music student wanting to achieve further greatness in 2015. The question is: How do you go about doing that? Here are 3 Goals you can set in 2015 to make you a more musically gifted student.

As a music teaching studio owner, I have the great privilege of being able to try out new ways of teaching lessons. One of the newest ways to teach voice lessons is via Skype. The intertwining of music and technology has been going on for years (think music industry here), but in a lot of ways the music student has been left behind. Quality fundamental music training can be difficult to come by and the private lesson is always a costly endeavor.

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