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Stage fright is a very real feeling that children and adults alike find themselves dealing with, especially during recital season. Sometimes, those nervous, anxious feelings can help add life and excitement to a performance. But when those feelings get a little overwhelming, stage fright can be a paralyzing feeling that can ruin your child's recital experience. The key to a successful performance is to learn how to recognize and harness those anxious feelings. Below are three strategies for working with your child's stage fright.

As a musician, one thing that is garunteed to rear its ugly head is stage fright. The racing heartbeat, sweaty palms, and nervous anxiety are enough to make any performer sick to their stomach. However, stage fright, while annoying, may be the key to an exciting, engaging performance

Having trouble memorizing your music? If, like some of our students, you are getting ready for an annual recital and need some ideas on how to solidify your music in your brain, look no further. Below, you will find some excellent strategies to help you memorize your music.

Why do we have recitals? You can thank one man: Franz Liszt. Before Liszt, it was believed that a piece written for solo piano would not be able to hold an audience's attention. In 1839, Liszt set out on a European tour to change that idea.

You are a Nashville area music student wanting to achieve further greatness in 2015. The question is: How do you go about doing that? Here are 3 Goals you can set in 2015 to make you a more musically gifted student.

Enter the drama of a RECITAL. If your child plays a musical instrument, it is likely that he or she will be performing in a recital. The preparation for the recital is usually a time of stress and anxiety in a child's life. What can you, as the parent, do to help your youngster perform to the highest level? Here are 3 suggested steps to help your child prepare for the recital:

As a piano teacher in Nashville, TN for the last 14 years, I have held numerous piano recitals. My students enter the building looking like a sea of white faces, super nervous about their upcoming performance. I, too, feel anxiety about how each one of them will do - I want all of them to feel great about their performance! I struggled (and still do at times) with performance anxiety during my recitals and understand the stress that they all feel. Over the years I have come up with many ways to help the students face their performance anxiety head-on! Here are 3 ways to help your child overcome performance anxiety and prepare effectively for their piano recital:

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