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Smashing Sales: Adele’s 25 Adele is no stranger to record sale success topping charts with both 19  and 21, but with her third studio release, 25, she is smashing sales records, and shattering predictions of the album’s success. Adele’s third album, released on November 20, sold a whopping 2.433 million copies in its first week. This gives the album the...

Getting a child through music lessons can be a trying time. Like a lot of disciplines, being successful in music means putting in a lot of time and effort in the beginning foundational stages. You, as the parent, have to plant musical seeds and provide for them if you want to reap the musical blessings later. Here are a few ways you can help plant and nurture your child's musical talent.

While traffic may be a little heavier this weekend (Hwy 40 will be closed for repairs again this weekend), the changing leaves and cooler weather has put fall in the forefront of everyone's minds. This weekend, get out and enjoy the weather at Boo at the Zoo, Pumpkinfest in Downtown Franklin, or the 39th annual Harvest Days Celebration in Murfreesboro.

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