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Stage fright is a very real feeling that children and adults alike find themselves dealing with, especially during recital season. Sometimes, those nervous, anxious feelings can help add life and excitement to a performance. But when those feelings get a little overwhelming, stage fright can be a paralyzing feeling that can ruin your child's recital experience. The key to a successful performance is to learn how to recognize and harness those anxious feelings. Below are three strategies for working with your child's stage fright.

If you are a Nashville area music student who has made more practice time your goal this year, this post is for you! We know practicing is how you get to Carnegie Hall, but how you spend your practice time is as important as your length of practice time. QUALITY practice time is easy to achieve if you incorporate these 3 steps below.

You are a Nashville area music student wanting to achieve further greatness in 2015. The question is: How do you go about doing that? Here are 3 Goals you can set in 2015 to make you a more musically gifted student.

It is important, from time to time, to be reminded of why we have made the commitment to music that we have. If we are involved in the teaching of music, it is our responsibility to see that education does not eclipse appreciation. Most students are in the early stages of their musical development, and things could really go either way. If they lose interest in their instrument, let it not be because we, as music educators, have relegated the simple inspiration of listening to the background.

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