The story of Music Star Studios.

Founded in 1996

A Nashville native, Emily took private piano lessons from Bonnie Buckner, Enid Katahn and Jerry Reed over the course of 12 years. She then attended Centenary College of Louisiana where her hard work awarded her the prestigious White Scholarship, the only full music scholarship given on campus.


After graduating from Centenary with Honors in 1996, Emily moved back to Nashville and began teaching full time right away. Within a year she had built up her studio to more than 40 students and quickly attained a multi-year waiting list. She also began to make a name for herself in the Nashville music teaching community and has served on the Board of the Nashville Area Music Teachers Association for more than 10 years. In business for over 15 years, MSS has taught hundreds of students, instructing Nashville’s new wave of talent and up-and-coming musicians.


Besides Emily's reputation for solid, foundational teaching, Music Star Studios will continue to grow for a couple of key reasons. First, at Music Star Studios we believe in making the music learning experience a positive one. We want our students to LOVE music the way that we do. Secondly, we believe in a high standard of learning and the joy of realizing achievements accomplished through hard work and dedication.

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