Why do we perform? Learn the reasons that a recital is an important part of music education!

Over the years, many students and parents have asked me some variation of the following question: why do we do a recital, what’s the point? I think it’s an important question, so below are my favorite reasons we perform.

On Stage

Music is for sharing! My favorite analogy for a recital is: playing music for other people is like cooking a recipe and enjoying it with other people. The joy is in the sharing. Each of us has something special we can bring to the music that is unique, and we should be very proud to give that to our audience.

Music is a form of communication. It is a way to tell stories, to share emotions, ideas, and experiences. Just as we learn how to communicate early in life at home and in school, we need opportunities to learn how to communicate musical ideas and emotions too. It takes experience and feedback to understand what works and what doesn’t. Recitals offer both of these things for our students.

Many people believe you’re either born with the ability and desire to perform or you’re not. This isn’t true! Though some people do have a higher level of inborn ability in this area, this is a skill that can be developed. The more performing you do, the easier it gets with the right guidance and feedback. I have found this to be true in my own professional performing experience. Even the shy wall-flowers among us can learn how to be better performers. Psychology Today Article

Performances can be a valuable motivating tool. If you’re a goal-driven person, having something tangible to work towards is very important. Besides motivating a student in the “here-and-now”, having the accomplishment to look back upon is a big confidence boost for students of all ages and ability levels.

Attending recitals is a great learning experience. Students can be inspired by what their peers are doing and they can learn from each other.

I hope this information has helped you to better understand the purpose behind our recitals. They really are an invaluable part of every student’s musical education and we’re so proud of every student who is participating!

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