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May 2, 2016by emilylowe0

Today we celebrate the debut of Schimmel pianos!

Music History Monday: May 2

Today we celebrate the debut of Schimmel pianos!

Schimmel Pegasus Grand Piano

On May 2 in 1885, Wilhelm Schimmel debuted his pianos after training as a manufacturer. His workshop was opened in Leipzig and now operates out of Braunschweig, Germany. Schimmel is known for producing high quality concert grand pianos, as well as their advanced production techniques, excellent tone, and contemporary designs.

One of their first major innovations was in the 1930s when they created a smaller piano with no backposts, a new action and a unique tone. In 1951, they designed the Glass grand, a see-through, now acrylic piano that you can still purchase today!

Schimmel K213 Glas Grand Piano

Today, run by Hannes M. Schimmel-Vogel, they are a 4-generation, family-owned company that has produced the most highly awarded German pianos. They have won awards not only for sound and touch, but also for their unique casework designs.

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