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We believe in making the music learning experience a positive one. We want our students to LOVE music the way that we do. Secondly, we believe in a high standard of learning and the joy of realizing achievements accomplished through hard work and dedication.

We’d love to talk to you about becoming a music student at Music Star Studios. Please let us know what instrument we can teach you to play!

To provide superior music instruction to students in a one-on-one environment; to spark a love for musicianship; to equip students with the music theory and craftsmanship skills needed to excel at the chosen instrument.
The practice and study of music should be fun and high standards of learning will lead to this joy of realized achievements.
We've sought out music teachers who have the same values and whose standards match our goals. We will match you with a teacher for your chosen instrument.
We provide in-home music lessons. We also offer online personal lessons as well.

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Nashville & Spring Hill
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60 minutes

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We’ve had a great experience with Music Star Studios and Miss Patty. My son has not taken lessons before and in 3 months, he’s learned hand positioning, the names of the keys, and how to read music.


We are very happy with our teacher and particularly pleased with his flexibility. Our daughter enjoys the lessons and the interaction with her teacher.

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